Deeply worried about Halloween and trick or treating

My girls want to do trick or treat, it’s not really a tradition in the UK and I’ve not ever had any experience of it.

Thanks to Nickelodeon, Disney and Youtube, my two sprogs really want to do it. They’ve really got their little hearts set on it and have been planning costumes.

Thing is it’s a US thing, last summer we had to do a lemonade stand because they’ve seen it so often. So we put out a trestle table, got some plastic cups, they made lemonade (which I substituted for shop bought stuff), made a sign lemonade 3p a glass (with the e and the s’s back to front just like in the cartoons).

The thing is is that our street is totally multicultural. The next door neighbours are Moldovan Roma, next is first gen. Indian Hindi, next three neighbours are third gen. West Indians. Across the street are Poles, South East Asian, West Africans French and a few other nations. When we tried the lemonade stand the girls were totally ignored, I tried tapping up a few East Europeans offering to give them the money to buy a lemonade, but to no avail. The girls were pretty disappointed (a good thing for them to learn) and we’ve not done it since.

In a couple of weeks we’ll do trick or treat, they are working hard on their outfits currently it’s an Enderman and Creeper from Minecraft or a blue Cheshire cat and a pink puppy. So let see how it plays out.


3 thoughts on “Deeply worried about Halloween and trick or treating

  1. Haha! The minecraft costumes sound amazing! And they are easy to make too 🙂 here’s a tip, take them away from the multicultural streets.. find other streets and keep them close by. I had the same problem taking my niece and nephew out one Halloween. The Russian couple even tried to throw rotten eggs towards them.. and my nephew was daft enough to think it was a tasty treat but luckily I stopped him. If the neighbours are likely to ignore or be mean, chances are they won’t give a damn on Halloween. X

    • The whole borough is multicultural, I’ve agreed with the kids we’ll only five houses and they’re people I know won’t be obnoxious, sorry to hear about the egg throwing, that’s not on.

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