Oh! My career where has it gone, what should I do next.

My career has evaporated, it’s been a year since I last worked,, I grew to really hate all aspects of the jobs that I have done. It’s not for want of being talented, I’m an exceptional software engineer, I’ve been doing it though for a long time, even longer when you take into account I wrote my first programme at the age of thirteen 35 damn years ago.

What I hate the most about IT, networking and software engineering is that little has actually changed in those 35 years, the arrogant anal retentive, I know better attitude was there at the beginning and is still here today. I find the work boring now, there is so little that has improved, yes new technologies have sprung up, slightly different ways of doing things yet the same trite mindset is there today. You go for an interview at a start-up, whilst the idea may be innovative, the execution remains the same. The lack of vision in the workplace and the mismanagement in the workplace is there. No one stops to look at what is being done or the way it is being done.

Over ten years ago new methodologies sprung into life, then after writing software for a generation I felt that new life had been breathed into computing, the agile methodologies had been birthed, a few businesses could see the merit of them, as an early adopter I felt things were going to change and they did. Somehow in the last three years agile has become the new waterfall a hidebound dogmatic way of doing things. This came about as there was a shift in recruiting and that the certification became cheaper and more widespread. Now every man and his dog is an agile this, that or the other. It doesn’t matter how much lipstick you smear on a pig, it’s still a pig. So now we have this huge ungainly mass of men who are now agile in software development but lack the flexibility to deeply understand, that (to steal from Joel Spolsky) to be smart and get things done isn’t about jumping on a band wagon but to have the real skills that makes you smart and gets things done. What I’ve seen over the couple of years before I finally quit work, is loads of men who think they know something yet debase the agile methodologies into something akin to waterfall. This is mainly due to the fact they don’t know what they are doing but rather than admit that, they blindly force the business into their way of doing things.

So as you can see ennui has set in for me, I go to a job interview listen and think – it’s not changed, there really is no innovation here. You toe the agile line, use the tla’s and buzzwords and I’ve lost interest. I know getting a job is about selling yourself, spinning up just how wonderful I am and that I’ll turn your world around, but five sentences into them selling themselves to me and I’ve lost interest.

I think from time to time I should start my own business, but my potential clientele is the same boring lot who I loose interest in during an interview. You see I like the cutting edge, while I’ve been a stay at home dad, I’ve taught myself all the really new bleeding edge things. I’m a bit like the Old Grey Whistle test to Thoughtworks Tech radar.

So what should I do next? I dunno.