How can a man buy matching set lingerie for his wife after she’s had a unilateral mastectomy and wears a prosthesis


Bloody easy.

I saw this cutsie polka dot bra and knickers, which DW would look like an absolute saucepot in.

One of the major issues that a man has, living with a woman who has had a mastectomy is, is that the woman tends not to feel womanly or sexy anymore.

What a bummer, three years after DW is only now nearly comfortable being naked around me. I love seeing her naked, before the mastectomy she had no issues running around the house nekkid. Phwar! She was sexy,

Phwar! she still is sexy, but, well, y’know, she lives with it as well as seeing it.

Back to matching set lingerie. Most of the lingerie manufacturers don’t give a shit about women post mastectomy, the ones who do, play it simple and go for the easiest to sell.

So what does a dirty old bugger like me have to do to get to see his sex-pot wife, feeling sexy again.

Takes matters into his own hands.

Buy the bra in the right size.

Cut up a t-shirt to make a rectangle of material.

Place over cup and start sowing from the top of side band bit (dunno what its called, but the bit under the armpit.

Sew all the way around, back to the bottom of the side bit.

This makes a pocket and an opening for the prosthesis.

Show, DW, she tries it on, it feels comfortable, lead her by the hand up to the bedroom.

Snog her and every part of her. Tell her she is absolutely, drop dead gorgeous and totally hot, fuck her senseless until she comes and and tell her again how wonderfully beautiful she is.

End result.
The pliers are for removing the underwireing, The book is because I like Iain M Banks