As always nothing; 34E barely exists in the mastectomy lingerie world… bastard manufactures


So tall (5’10”) women with 34E’s don’t have mastectomies or suffer from breast cancer. Basically, that’s what the manufactures are saying or is it that they all kark it. If your tall with big boobs don’t bother surviving ‘cos we’re not going to bother making for you ‘cos the run will be to small.

Piss taking bastards, it pisses me off when companies latch on to a cause yet it’s just a blind for making money. Mastectomy bras ain’t cheap and they get the VAT knocked off, yet the same thing in Matalan cost a tenner there’s only a smidge more machining needed to add a pocket. For fucks sake even I can sow in a pocket or two even with my stumpy fingers.

They also look frumpy as ninety year old catholic nuns sock draw. Women who have had breast cancer are still be hot, I know I have one sitting 18″ to my left right now (she’d kick me in the buts if she knew I was writing something like this), dear world women aren’t defined by their thruppeny bits y’know.

It’s a double piss take for breast cancer survivors, men get twitchy because they can’t comprehend a woman without boobs and shit loads of women pay lip service and quietly scuttle away hoping that their cancer prejudice won’t be spotted, I know of at least one of DW mates who ditched like a hot potato cos she couldn’t deal with cancer. I suspect there were quite a few more, but they didn’t make it obvious, just quietly sloped off.

It fucks me off, breast cancer is a game changer for someone’s psyche, yet still here we have it the lingerie manufactures still only go for the cost effective options.

It’s all or nothing, don’t use the governments VAT reduction to hike prices and make the end user feel grateful that you’ve done something. So lingerie bloggers do something for breast cancer awareness month, demand change.