I wonder why men do this, send a photo of their genitalia to women while they are attempting to get to know them.

It’s quite odd and it seems to be very common, it’s not something I as a man can get my head around. Given that I have worked in very male dominated industries it’s not something ever spoken about. You don’t ever get a bloke saying to another bloke, “hold on mate, just gonna send a pic of my cock to this bird I just spoke to”. I thing if a fella said that to me I’d have to tell them that they really are a prick.

Sitting on the tube this morning there must have been a percentage of guys who do or are going to do this. I wonder what really do they think the out come is going to be? Frankly, the person who responds in the positive about it, isn’t really the person you want to date. I wonder if it because they are too scared, too cheap or too arrogant to employ a sex worker to be on the receiving end.

By all accounts I have a better than average attractive cock (if you can call cocks attractive), it’s well proportioned, muscular, wide, dresses to the right and the right length to make people go wow, without being scary freaky. Would I flash it to the world, would I fuck as like.

Thinking about it, there seems to be a mental block with men regarding the internet, flashing a woman you’ve just physically spoken to is a sex crime, haying hi online and then following it up with a cockshot also is a sex crime, yet fellas who wouldn’t flash, think its ok to hide behind a screen. Thing is dopesters you can be traced easier online than in real life.

I don’t get it, well I sort of do, I like looking at women’s genitalia there is rarely a pussy that I don’t find an attractive quality about. Fortunately I have access to my wife’s astoundingly beautiful bits on a very regular basis, so I don’t need to go looking at others.

When I was single, I’ be more than happy to receive bits pics, never got them, why? Women think differently to men about it, somewhere in their socialisation the flashing thing never occurred (I accept that some women do but it appears to be a much smaller percentage).

Overall, it’s just very very odd, why send a pic of your cock? Generally, they are not much of an advertisement and it really does say something about the fella who sent it. Again here’s another thing to ponder, men will show each other and post to sites pic of “hotties” they’ve appropriated but women don’t seem to do that. Perhaps dating sites need to provide sinbins where women can post the cheezy knobshots with a link to the offenders profile, but that would be a fail as the women would get the blame for disseminating nsfw pics and breaking personal privacy.