Orgasms eh! So you don’t have a G spot (well until the next pair of anatomical sexologists says otherwise)

So as reported to the Huffington Post, the Daily Mail, Jezebel and a load of others, two “sexologists” have decided that women don’t have internal orgasms, the G spot etc doesn’t exist. Well, hummm! Well I’m a bloke so what should I know, nothing really other than observation.

So I’m having a chat with DW, my wife.

Me: you know your orgasms.

DW: yeh! what of them?

Me: well you know when I go down on you and when I’m inside you, they’re both the same.

DW: No their not, they feel completely different.

So we go on to discuss that the current reportage says that internal orgasms don’t happen and that they are all clitoral orgasms. DW is of the opinion that they are completely different, feel completely different and certainly aren’t the same thing at all.

From an anatomical perspective I can get on board with the sexologists claim as back in the womb, before our genders are ascribed, the tissue structure that becomes the clit or bellend are already made before the zygotes gender determines how the structures will grow and change. DW claims that when I find the spot that’s above and to the left of her cervix, she has a really monster of an orgasm that causes her skin to go red and her body convulse and for her clench up. When I go down on her it a totally different, more relaxing and soothing and feels like a tension release.

From my perspective, I don’t think orgasms are over rated I just think that there are too many people trying to make a name for themselves doing snake oil research. My wife orgasms and that’s good enough for her, what some researcher says isn’t going to change that. I do what I do when we’re having a shag and I’m pleased that it hits the spot for her.

So now that Mr. Graffenberg’s spot is no longer approved of, how are women going to cum, that’s not on. Well give it a few months and some more sexologists will “find” another structure inside a woman’s genitalia that give a different sort of orgasm.

FFS, shagging is about two people connecting emotionally on the physical level – that’s what makes excellent sex.


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