A rather meh! trip to a hospital in Whitechappel


The Royal London hospital, what a shithole. This is the real face of the NHS in London, the big consultancies and the unions thieve the taxpayers money, left over are the people in the middle.

Would you want to work in a shithole like this? Pity the poor nurses and support staff, not only do you get shit pay you get a shit environment. On the outside are the patients, would you want to be treated in a shithole like this?

Before anyfucker kicks off with this is not a representative photo, this is what you see when you exit Whitechapel station.

The service is poor and given that I have no choice but to pay by paying tax, I still have to pay even if I opt out for just barely better than shit in the private sector, irrespective how much you pay you still don’t get a quality of service.