One of the worst things about living with an alcoholic is that everything comes second place to a liquid

I have a condition where by when I get a chest infection and cough quite hard/badly my windpipe seizes up and oxygen is cut of from my brain, it basically causes seizures, fits and fainting. Well I’ve got it again, I’ve just had s seizure and in the process of it swallowed and bit my tongue. I awoke flat on my back, tongue hurting like hell and everything spinning and not quite right. At first I didn’t know where I was or who I was.

While this was going on my wife is sleeping off one of her drinking sessions, I’ve got two young kids her at home and they get scared shitless when it happens.

She knows that my chest infection is getting worse to the point where these seizures are going to happen, yet still persists in her selfish fucking drinking.

Well this time round if I fucking well die I hope she realises that she has been no fucking help what so ever.


2 thoughts on “One of the worst things about living with an alcoholic is that everything comes second place to a liquid

  1. Oh no don’t say that…death should not be how she realizes things…but you can’t be an enabler to her ways either…she wont get better that way. You do her, your girls and yourself more harm. She has to learn to be present in the moment, aware of her surroundings, with or without you being sick…her daughters need that….I don’t know what to tell you, but, I do hope that you figure it out my dear. You cant die…your daughters need you.

  2. This is one of those really shitty life situations. A couple of years ago when it last happened my girls were terrified at seeing me collapse unconscious, it happened once when I was putting them to bed and I slammed into the floor (you can tell when it happens as there’s generally a bit thump as I hit the ground). I’m slightly aggrieved this time as DW drinking is still pretty heavy. My annoyance is she knows all about it and it would be nice if she could put the family welfare before her addiction. It’s moments like this when you realise the AA step, “realise you are powerless in the face of alcohol” this is a good example of it.

    Weirdest part of last night was coming to wondering why I was chewing gum to discover it was my tongue.

    Thank you for your kind thoughts, how are you btw?

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