A very big thank you to my wife for a lovely weekend.

I would like to give my wife a very big public thank you for an excellent weekend.

I’ve been a bit ill this weekend, maybe manflu but I have to be a bit careful as I have an issue that can cause me to stop breathing. Basically when I get a bit of a cough my windpipe closes up completely shutting of the o2 to my brain and causing me to faint. On the whole that doesn’t sound too bad, but when you pitch over and crash your head into something hard, it’s a bit of a different situation. Thing is though it’s not a dizzy spell where you have advanced warning, it’s more like cough cough cough, switch off, bang. It also seems to happen when I’m standing over something really hard, concrete patio, toilet, sink, stone flagged floor.

So Saturday morning DW got up early with DD2 (who like me is an early riser) and as I’d been sleeping on the sofa, my comfort place when I’m ill as I can sleep upright and that lessens the coughing, plus DW is a sleep fidget, I once got up to go to he toilet to discover. she’d rotated 90° in the bed, that and assuming the starfish position.

DD2, our youngest, like to get up at the crack of dawn, but fortunately she got up about 8:30 on Saturday, I was sitting on the sofa wrapped in a blanket feeling quit miserable and when DD2 appeared I was dreading the whole “play with me, entertain me” routine that only a nearly six year old can do first thing in the morning. Then DW appeared and everything was ok. She’d heard DD2 stomp about and got out of bed. This us a pretty amazing event as far as I’m concerned as DW loves her bed – if she had her way not surfacing until lunchtime (let me point out that family life never lets any parent have their way). She did the same Sunday too and I got to have a quiet day with out too much fuss and bother.

So now its Monday and I feel a lot better, not 100% but not bad. So thank you DW for letting me get some rest this weekend.