Captain Awkward London meetups – seriously good but why I won’t go again

I’ll recommend it to people (details here), but I’m not the right kind to person to go. It’s not as though I’m rude, non-caring or wrong for it. My wife accompanied me to the first one I went to and she really enjoyed it and the people. She’s had a rough time recently her previous employer was a real shit. Workplace misogyny, constructive dismissal and veiled threats regarding her new employer. It’s been quite tough supporting her as I’m too close to the problem.

The upside is is that my wife will continue to go. The next meeting is when my youngest has to go to the Royal London Dental Hospital and my wife started to beat herself up with wanting to go to Captain Awkward or go to the hospital. I suggested that as one of us would have to look after our other daughter, the the two of them can go to Captain Awkward (they’d both benefit) and I’ll do the tedium of a hospital waiting room.

I do hope she really gets into it, she could really do with some supportive friends.