Caffeine sweeties, the flu and the munchies


Today I’ve got a of a cold, not a debilitating ‘flu, just one of those sneezy ones. It’s bloody irritating more than anything, so I’m indulging in my standard get better routine. Tea, toast and coffee sweeties. The kopico are real buggers to get out of their wrappings but I do like them.

So things are a bit meh!-tastic at the moment, I was thinking of sneaking up on DW and going down on her. Well sneaking isn’t the right word, It usually starts with snuggling at bedtime, then I just have to kiss her lovely belly and then there’s that bit just above her hipbone, soft and smooth and it leads to her mons and then down to her bits. I can spend ages exploring, sucking, kissing, licking as long as it takes so she hits the spot. I’d happily carry on but she needs a bit of downtime to recover from her orgasm. I’m glad that she enjoys it, it’s a nice feeling knowing that you can hit the spots for someone.

So if the sniffles continue, their won’t be anything tonight. Well actually sense dictates no jigginess when you have a cold, it would be pretty mean of me to pass a cold to DW just because I selfishly want to taste her pussy.

So I’ll stick to tea and Kopiko, one of the things that annoys me now is that teabags now-a-days don’t seem to make a decent cuppa, it takes three teabags to steep a decent flavour-full cup.