Thinking saucy thoughts in the afternoon and looking forward to this evening.

I was just thinking about my wife and her new job she’s had to change from regular casual to a much more formal outfit. Geives and  Hawks blouses and black skirts. Today she was wearing a pink herringbone blouse, black skirt with a bow detail on the pleats, nude thong and white full cup bra, black boots. Also she was wearing 10 denier tights. That’s the bit I want to talk about. I would much prefer her to wear stockings or hold-ups. So my mind was drifting to her wearing stockings and watching her dress in the morning.

She does have a superb collection of suspender belts, ranging from the narrow ones made by la Perla, to the girdle variety from Made by Niki and the Modern Courtesan. She also has the 12 strap variety too. It’s nice to see the suspender straps pushing through the material of her skirt, very sexy indeed and as she’s managing three separate teams comprising fifty blokes then I think it would be cool for her to have a bit of sexiness going on in the unaccountably drab world of infrastructure and networks.

Thing is we both know she’s a scapegoat for the upcoming failure of the disaster recovery fail-over. So her contract will not be renewed. Having done numerous disaster recovery fail-overs I already know this one is going to be a catastrophe as most DR’s are a lashup of configuration over confusion. So we’re managing this job as a stepping stone for her career. In her last job she got worked up about going perm, but all the bastards were doing was using it as a carrot on a stick to get her to be compliant.

Anyway back to her in stockings, watching her put them on in the morning will get me very horny, I’m pretty horny in the mornings anyway and I wish we could put my morning glory to good satisfying use, but DW isn’t up for a early rise shag. Pity as I’m bigger first thing rather than last thing at night and a good stretch and workout will set us up for the day.

So as I said, I suspect she’s been employed as a stooge and a fallgirl, we’ll see we could be pleasantly surprised.