The meeting of lips, why kissing is fabulous.

So we kissed, the meeting of lips is wonderful, I spent an age kissing, kissing, kissing. My lips touching hers, feeling the softness, every so often I would trace my tongue along then and as they parted, run my tongue along the inside edge. A few times I did those sexy lip bite thingies, not the sort with teeth that can hurt immensely (how some idiot came up with the lip bite draw blood thing is beyond me), but the sort of bitey thing where you tense your own mouth and sort of cover your own teeth with your lips.

Finally, I kissed all the way up DW’s belly to her mouth to have a snog. That’s the thing I find delicious about women, two sets of wonderful lips to kiss, men on the other hand have two heads. Either bonehard and dense or soft and squishy, neither at anytime with much sense going through them.

We had pretty good sex last night, frankly I can’t remember the time we had bad sex at most it’s mediocre because we are both tired or drunk or both. She does have a gorgeous looking pussy, after two episiotomy’s and ten years of sex (roughly 2400 times, we average 20 times a month – not bad after ten years, we’re still hot for one another). So for all the knuckle headed MRA and gamergate chumps out there, sex does not really alter pussies that much. I really doubt that their are many single young women in the States who are averaging sex five times a week, so your ferbrile imaginings of what happens to vaginas with a lot of sex is vastly inaccurate. The 4channers, gamer bros and the brogrammers annoy me so with their immature understanding of anatomy.

So just to clarify frequency, DW’s period is around four to six days so that’s either a week or the tail end of one and the beginning of another and we also consider that BJ’s are actual sex, although we discount naked arousing canoodling which happens every night except for the very few times we are away from each over overnight. Even when she was undergoing Chemotherapy we still had sex quite frequently. She’d come home from the Oncologist bearing leaflets showing that you can shag during chemo, just wear a condom.

So more clarification,  this isn’t me bullying her into sex, when she says no it’s a no (though I do pull a bit of a sulk) and if I had my way it would be two to three times a day (even during her period – though I’m not a bloodhound – awful phrase – though I do recognise the mess and inconvenience).

I’ve just ground a few numbers in ten years we’ve approximated to 6.5 years continuous shagging and 3.5 years of no sex. I think we should be proud of ourselves, there are younger couples with no children who have a lot less sex than us. Yay! good for the older parents.


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      • Cos when i clicked on the bellisimablue like it took me to pxfun… so I made an assumption… could be incorrect… hows things anyway

      • Still horny as always… not as tense as we got a lot of problems sort of solved, or maybe pushed back until they overwhelm us again. Getting more and more into anti-misogyny stuff… trying to be a better father,husband bloke human… y’know

      • well im glad you’ve managed to work some things out with her……being a better human being in general is always a great thing my dear….we should all aim for that :).

      • Well I realised that having to take control of some of the issues we were facing as a family pushed me too far in the direction of becoming a control freak… so I’ve taken the approach of bugger it. If shit happens shit happens, in the meantime lets all try to be good together. Also even at our worst we are still a lot better (nicer) than the racist, misogynist selfish schmucks in London.

      • I like that….just let shit happen if it does and take it from there…..united and together you are always going to better and stronger….proud of you :)!

        Being nice people will always be better than anything less!. It pays off at some point, so I hear :).

  1. Ah! pay it forward… try hard to be good and just be basically decent a vague philosophy have you ever read “the waterbabies” do to others as you would have them do to you. Pay it forwards pay it back.

    • No never read it…..will look into it….and yeah, the pay it forward theory is what Im talking about…although its more my philosophy, you do good because it makes you a good human being to do so. Not because of what it might bring back to you. 🙂

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