Mugabe north of the border, so Salmond thinks that Scotland was tricked into saying no.

This is how dictators are created. Salmond does not want to let go of power. So Scotland has been tricked. Now that is a piss poor excuse to wind the situation up further.

Frankly, I would have loved Scotland to say yes and just piss off. I would want the UK to sever all ties immediately. No sterling, no bank of last resort. No more funding at all. In return we would write off Scotlands debt to us and keep the Union flag as is. Border control all roads, create a barrier of monolithic proportions and leave them to it.

Slowly, we would see Scotland devolve into factional in fighting, squandered resources and big handouts to Salmond’s buddies. The no voters would be persecuted and the UK blamed for all problems past and future.

So lets slowly watch how a third world dictator comes into being.