Waltham Forest maybe London, but it ain’t hipster central.

So Damon Albarn lived just off our street, and Russell Brand has mates down the road. But sure as shit Waltham Forest ain’t hipster central. As Waltham Forest is london makes out. We are one of the most diverse boroughs of London, looking at the mag you would think that no honour killings happen, no Female Genital Mutilation occurs, no acid attacks on women.

The borough is nearly bankrupt, it supports 36 languages and 100+ ethnic groups. Yet that mag makes us hip and white. Ok the EDL has a march from time to time, yet each time the police have to deal with unrest because this is not the place for the EDL. There were about five ethnically non white people in the mag, but there was a white bird right in the centre of the pic.

So funny, the hipster mums barely go out cos they are terrified of the ethic nature of this borough. The hipster dudes crowd into the two most expensive boozers in the area.

I love the diversity that we have here, I may not have a fixie, carry a growler from the pub with my hand crafted micro brewery or cupcakes (a wildgoose cupcake shop is about to open). That mag is he best bit of bullshit comedy read I’ve in ages.