Homophobes with homophones, how retarded now is software security

Troy Hunt’s Blog: What the f*** were they thinking?! Crazy website biases exposed by naughty words lists (the NSFW version)

Too many brogrammers in the software industry ruining decent security. So the word “facial” is removed as a sensible word to use, because the brogrammers use pornhub far too much and for them a facial, isn’t a relaxing beauty treatment that my wife would get, but rather an abusive activity performed on a person with low self asteem.

It you read Toy Hunt’s post and have a little understanding of how you should protect your online presence, this should horrify you. So Virgin call centre staff can see my plain text password as I have to say it to them… oh! great. Yet another way to steal an identity.

I don’t think the public quite realises how shit this is all becoming. 35 years ago I started writing software at the age of 13, now it so dumbed down for the low end silicon valley frat boi brogramming cockstars, that we are all suffering from their stupidity.

My eight year old daughter is more clued up on password security than the majority of developers.