Well, I just had to have a look, the problems of celebrity.

I agree with David Futrelle’s analysis of the iCloud hack, it is wrong on every level, it is a criminal act. I’m not much of a celeb watcher, I had to ask my wife who JLaw was. My lack of knowledge about celebrities does piss my wife off no end. Each time the conversation goes like this.

Me: Who’s JLaw?
DW (my wife): Jenifer Lawence.
Me: Who’s Jenifer Lawence?
DW: The Hunger Games.
Me: Which one in the Hunger Games?
DW (increasingly frustrated): Katniss, the main character, with the Bow and Arrows.
Me: Oh! Right! hmmm I suppose I should google her.

So I saw the contentious pictures. I did like the one in the white and black lace thong. It reminded me of a thong that DW once had, it was one of those Recherch du temps perdu moments. DW’s was made of a lovely soft material and had black pinstripes on the white bit. I can remember her lying like that on the bed, just like the JLaw photo. Except, DW has dark red hair (auburn possibly) and bigger boobies.

So that was one aspect, the other is that Apple and the iCloud developers should have paid much more attention to security. That hole must have been open for ages. It takes a long time to rummage through photos, even if you’ve got some high powered image processing and scanning kit. I would hazard a guess that there would have been a lot of images to go through.

The next issue is is that there must be a lot of non celebrity images in the hackers hands. I would imagine that there us going to be quite a few attempts at extortion. How many people have uploaded pictures of their or people they know, genitalia. How many young girls naked selfies do they have (so one of the charges once they catch the fella is having child pornography).

So I’m glad it brought back a memory of DW, but I’m a lot less happy that iCloud could have let this happen.