I found this to be rather yuck,


I like sex, but somehow I couldn’t stoop to this. There is something rather distasteful about it. Sure it’s a variant of masturbation and everyone does it differently, yet this or the purchased version something like a Tenga Or Fleshlight I find yuck.

Yet by the same token, I would like to watch my wife use a dildo or for her to use vibrators. So why do I have a double standard? My wife isn’t interested in Sex toys. When she was single, she never owned one. She’s tried some out while we’ve been together and it’s not really been her thing. The male equivalent of sex toys is a bit, well not on a par with the products for women.

So what this video highlights for me, is that I have to alter my behaviour. Last night, I said to DW I’d like to watch her use a toy on herself. Now this morning after watching that clip makes me realise that if I’m not prepared to do something don’t ask someone else, because they could feel the same.