Only a couple of days to go

So over the last few weeks, me and DW have been trying for sex every day. It’s not an easy challenge, especially having a young family, daily commutes, general children faffing and London life.

This week if we get jiggy tonight and tomorrow night we will have had sex every day… yay! I was reading a blog by a married woman who reckoned that she and her husband have sex 16 times a week. Harrump! I find that difficult to believe. Ok morning, evening with additional lunchtime sex at the weekend would equal 16, I guess it depends on peoples criteria. Saturday for example we had oral sex four times and penetrative sex twice. Is that six times in a day or just a day when we had sex. Does DW flashing her bits at me count or a morning stroke and squeeze of my cock count or a crafty hand slip of my hand down her knickers and then tasting her juices on my fingers count.

Obviously things like periods, tiredness and coughs and sneeze get in the way. Plus overactive children who don’t want to go to sleep. We always wait until the kids are in bed or completely occupied downstairs. They are getting to the age where they want to know why mummy and daddy want private golden time or why they can hear “jumping on the bed” noises coming from our bedroom. As they get older the parental sauciness will need to decrease. Bummer.

This is one of the areas that we, as parents, need to be careful about. The last thing we want to do is expose the children, unnecessarily, to sex. There is going to be plenty of situations where we will have to deal with it from external sources. Our eight year old won’t watch Timber by Pitbull because she thinks its wrong that Ke$ha is running around outside in her knickers (she prefers the just dance version on xbox). Given that there was a report recently that English kids as young as eleven are sharing porn on their phones and school teens are doing amateur porn. Then there are going to be enough situations where they will be exposed to sex and we, sure as shit, don’t want to expose them to their parents getting down and dirty. I had enough of that as a kid, watching my mother getting fucked by various blokes at the same age as ours are now. All that did was make me lack respect for my mother as her first house only had one bedroom and I slept in a single bed to one side of the room. That is fucking shameful of her to treat a child like that.

So here we are coming to the end of our challenge. It’s do-able, certainly, but environmental factors are going to put an end to it. Ho hum… only 13 years to go and they’ll be at university. Then in my sixties and my wife in her fifties we can get sexy again.