Why “trying” is not just good enough, quitting alcoholism and getting better.

I’ve just been reading an article about diversity in the Western World and there was a paragraph that made me think about my wife’s alcohol misuse and inappropriate usage of alcohol.

When leaders say they are “trying” but unable to accomplish their goal, what they are really saying is they haven’t made it a priority. They only talk about it. The issue is supposedly important, but then when it comes down to action … it remains perpetually irrelevant. And then these supposed leaders will point to factors involved, like a pipeline issue, suggesting that the problem is outside of their control.

What struck me is that my wife often is”trying to get better”, not committed to getting better. I have my own failings, but I want to change them, this is why I’m often buying self help books, reading self help blogs and going to things like Al-Anon, parenting counselling and talking to therapists, to try to get rid of my anger and rage demons.

I admit that it’s taking a long time to change and that it’s very easy to fall back on to the easy patterns of bad behaviour.

Here is the original article that made me think