Making cheese sauce for mac-n-cheese the wrong way


My eldest daughter want Mac-N-Cheese for supper tonight, so I’ve made some. Thing is though I made the roux for the cheese sauce that would make a chef spit.

As we’ve no butter in the house and only supermarket cheese and cheese strings, I’m not in a good starting place. We’ve got low fat butter spread which is about as good for cooking as fuck all.

So I warmed the butter spread and as it softened put in a spoon of flour and stirred vigorously, then I added the cheese and cheese strings so they melted (cheese strings take for ages to melt – wtf are they made of).

Once it had formed in to a big massy blob, then I added the milk and stirred and stirred until a nice thickened sauce appeared. No lumps, not bad, sweetish like tinned Mac-N-Cheese.

So all in all not a bad bit of experimental cooking.