Orgasmic meditation; am I already practising it? If so what next?

Ok, I’ve not paid to become a practitioner, and I know my wife would have very serious issues with me being a consultant, but the basic concept sound like something we already do.

Often I’ll give my wife a good deep tissue massage, especially the larger muscle masses of the quads, gluets and hamstrings. After a good thigh and bum massage DW is often very relaxed and a vigorous shag at that point would be counter productive.

What often happens is that I use the massage oil on her clit and lips, gently touching them the way I would use my tongue. Slow, circular, constant pressure on her clit for 10 or so minutes relaxes her further, tha aim isn’t to try to make her cum, rather to get her to a point of relaxed sexual bliss and giving her time to daydream fantasise.

So would I like to live in a shared house with many women who like having their clits stroked? Yes. Would I like to receive an income? Yes. Would DW enthusiastically agree to this? No.

So there you go again I’m an unpaid consultant.