The Goal: sex every day for one week.

We set ourselves a goal for this week, sex every day, we stared Sunday, achieved the goal yesterday, so so far it going well. If we’d set the goal as an orgasm every day for DW, she would have over achieved.

Sunday, foreplay was me going down on her, I’d say the majority of the time I can make her cum with my mouth, so that was a good start to the week. I came a huge load inside her, flooding her already very wet pussy. So that was pretty darn good.

Yesterday, she blew me as a starter, very nice head kisses and snogging. I must admit it’s a lot nicer than head in her mouth, she’s much more creative when kissing rather than sucking. As we’d been talking about her laminated list, she was already horny and wet, so a few pussy kisses and licks and I dived right into her.

I managed to find the right spot inside her immediately, then kept on loosing it. Basically it was down to miscommunication, she kept saying “back and forth, no keep going back and forth”, which I understand to be keep doing the pelvic thrusts. What she meant was, in my terminology was all the way out and all the way in again, so she can feel the full shaft entry. So there was a lot of too-ing and fro-ing until we got into the right rhythm. Then thing started to get good for her. My cock was staying in the right spot, the pace was good, soon she started to dig her nails in, face, shoulders and boob was going red and then she came with a “fuck, yeh!”. Which was nice as she’s not a noisy person. We mostly talk while fucking, telling each other dirty stories, interesting fucks we’ve had in the past. How she want to feel me empty myself, nice dirty, sexy, stuff.

After she came we had a little rest and I asked her to get on top, this is a much better position for her orgasm as she can manoeuvre my cock into position by wiggling herself around. She found her spot and with her hands on my thighs and leaning back she gave my cock a good riding, as she got close, she lay on my chest to let me take over the thrusting so she could concentrate more on the orgasm feeling. She was so wet, I could feel her trickling down my shaft and soaking my balls.

We lay back on the bed knackered, my nearly 50 year old cardiovascular system on 20+ cigarettes a day was a bit shot. She lay on her belly, I nipped in for a cheeky bit of rimming and than as I was hard again did a bit of the nuru thing with my cock resting between her bumcheeks, whilst snogging her shoulders and back tattoo. She got a bit narky, cos she just wanted to switch off after two internal cums, get her breath, have some water and relax.

Between my mid twenties and late thirties when I got married, I used to do a lot of training (even though I was a smoker) marathons, boxing, ultrafit contests, climbing contests, swimming, rowing and a twice daily gym routine, early morning before work and then directly after work. As you get older you realise how much effort goes into fucking, I used to be able stay hard and fuck vigorously for hours, DW only agreed to marry me because I could really give her a good seeing to (actually that’s not the complete reason, but it was a part of her decision).

I must admit I’d like to quit the oily rags now and take up exercise again, mainly because I think it’s an important thing not to let the quality and vigour of a couples sex life decay as we get older. Also, it’s pretty demanding having two young kids.

So tonights sex, will we be able to do it, because I am feeling tired. I don’t think there will be orgasms involved if we do. I’d like to go down on DW again, cos I love the feeling a d taste of her pussy and maybe vanilla missionary, feel myself inside her, she’ll feel me inside her and have a nice snoggy sedate fuck.

So for her the tally is one clitoral orgasm and two cervical/uterine orgasms. Me it’s three ejaculations.