I’ve just had a bit of a read of Hamas’ 1988 Covenant

I have to admit I only got as far as article 20 at the moment, it’s pretty tedious going, a bit like reading an evangelical chistians handbook. Lot’s of God this, god that and god the other, with a smattering of the prophet.

I gave up at article 20, because Hamas called Godwin’s Law. Basically, if you were to find it on a web forum, Hamas would be the Uber-Troll in a monster flame war.

Interestingly, they mention Jews 12 times but Israel specifically only 4. I cannot take and flame war seriously that calls Jews Nazis. That is a bit of a tedious, trite argument. If they had used ultra nationalistic dictatorship with genocidal overtones, I would have given them a smidge more respect. Stalin and Pol Pot weren’t Nazis by any stretch of the imagination, but you’d never hear any one say that Nazi Stalin.

Also, interesting to note Crusader gets used seven times and christian twice. Mainly in the vein of “now we’ve dealt with them, we’re gonna deal with you”.

It’s an awful lot of hyperbole, that say’s little about a solid, responsible nation building for it’s own supporters, which after I scrolled to the end to find out how much more I had to read, in article 35 are referred to as soldiers. So that’s also another interesting take on things. If all Gaza is Hamas, then all Gazans are soldiers, then the Hamas health ministry and the BBC can’t report civilian deaths as, by Hamas own admission they are all soldiers.

For fucks sake, Hamas are worst that 4chan, subreddits and neoreactionary forums, Hamas should join Chimpmania or A voive for Men


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