Shallow-Shaming, time for a new trope.

I’ve engaged myself in one of those awful troll baiting sessions with an unashamedly vile young woman. She’d set about doing one of those pseudo journalistic endeavours which basically was camouflage for passive aggressive bullying.

The individual under her rather vile lens, as a morbidly obese young woman, who had elected to be part of modern society and join in by taking a selfie in bra and knickers. There was a bit of an internet hoo-ha over it and to be honest never showed on my radar. As I said I came across the passive aggressive bulling op-ed and pointed out that it was unnecessarily cruel. My main thrust was that if the young woman who had taken the selfie had endured terrific amounts of bullying there was no need to jump on to that bandwagon by trying to be a toxic enabler of bullies, the op-ed piece basically encouraged the bullying of and said it was ok to bully the morbidly obese.

Now, that is wrong, no matter how you view it, that type of yellow journalism perpetuates a horrible culture. Creates stigma, endorses nastiness and is an entry point for other types of exclusionary behaviour.

Through out my conversation with the originator of the post, at no point did she see that she’d done anything wrong, to make matters worse she used an example where a white privilege D-list celebrity heiress had received similar treatment, yet she felt it was wrong to target the celebrity for doing nothing wrong than being [her words] naturally thin, where as the original girl had brought it upon herself and thus deserved it. At the same time using a vocabulary of hate to describe the young woman who posted a selfie.

I now believe that if we have a culture of sl#t shaming, of fat shaming. There should also be a culture of shallow shaming. As the conversation carried on further it turned out that the originator of the post was rather proudly vain, narcissistic and exceptionally shallow. Her argument is that the morbidly obese are horrendously ugly and should be shamed for just that. If I’m not mistaken that is a definition of bullying, shaming someone for their looks.

I find it rather sad that the originator could not see that by extension, that type of behaviour levied at other types of underclasses in society have been legislated against. It annoys me that someone cannot see that their own types of behaviour, performed by others have caused huge amounts of problems in modern western society and I don’t wish to spell it out.

The reason for that is I have the utmost respect for someone who can stand up against either their bullies or oppressors. The latter case is much more important, but it paved the way for people to understand that respect for our fellow human being, irrespective of their differences from myself, is the key for our society to improve and become better.

As I said at no point was there any understanding, compassion, empathy or a simple “live and let live” attitude. As such, there is no remorse for her own behaviour.

So time to shame the shallow, the bullies and the narcissists.