Ask yourself this question, if the gaza blockade is in place, why is Israel letting communication out.

The border of Gaza is closed by both Israel and Egypt. Power and water comes through that border. The telecoms infrastructure goes through that border. The cell tower repeaters are on the Israeli/Egypt sides. The Telco exchanges are on the Israeli/Egypt side of the border.

All Gazan communication gets routed through Israel. The undersea telecom cables go out through Ashdod, Tel Aviv and Haifa, the Egyptian ones are on the other side of Alexandria. Once the data stream has hit a cell tower it then gets routed into the wired infrastructure. The cell to exchange infrastructure at Rafa isn’t that outstanding either (and the Israelis could jam it if they wanted to). Now I’m sure you are all now saying satellite internet, well it’s not that brilliant (lots of latency) and really bloody expensive. As you all know the NSA has spent decades messing with comms and routinely captured most of it. So as the cell comms go over the border ask yourself Why is Israel letting the Gazans play the media war.

I checked the cell telco set up in Gaza, a smallish percent of Gazans use Israeli mobile providers, the rest are split between two Palestinian mobile providers who use Israeli infrastructure.

Israel could cut the comms in a second flat, you would hear/read/see nothing coming out of Gaza, yet we do. Broadcast quality video footage are really big files, no one in their right mind is going to take the cost. Except aunty beeb, cost they expect me to pay for it (I’d rather my licence fee pay for this, than for some of the things the BBC squanders it on).

I don’t doubt that war crimes are being committed, but ask yourself why the Government that is allowing war crimes to happen also allows you to hear about it?

That’s an interesting conspiracy for people to think about.