8 self disciplining tips for being better organised at home

Being organised is really self discipline, if you can discipline yourself to do a few of these tips and stick to them. Then it becomes a start to better self organisation

1. If you are in a room and see something that comes from somewhere else, another room, a bookshelf or a cupboard.

        • pick it up
        • put it in the correct room or place as you walk by.

2. If you are in a room where items are out of place, but belong in that room (maybe you tossed it there per tip 1)

        • put it away.

3. If you are about to step over something on the floor that doesn’t belong there

        • bend down,
        • pick it up
        • put it away.

4. If you see something out of place and you go “Meh! later”. Think Nike:

        • just do it now!
        • There is no trick to it; you just do it.

5. Evernote or Keep a short  list (3 to 5 items) to do arounf the house. Make them a daily reminder

6. Be tough and chuck. If you find you have things that just don’t belong anywhere, get rid of them.

7. Move mail/email/reminders/alerts/messages along quickly. Don’t let them pile up.

        • This is bad for your organisation
        • And bad for paying your bills on time (calender or event them)

Tip 8, make the other seven tips a morning alert/reminder until the bed in and become automatic


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