Strengthen the relationship rather than fraying it further.

That’s what was said to me by my former Rabbi about a few sheckles of membership fees.

I’m feeling rather angry today, today is the start of my daughter’s chemo treatment. My wife’s at the hospital with her and from what I can gather she’s being super brave. She’s back tomorrow and the day after for more. She’s proved to be a good little trooper.

The reason I started off about my former Rabbi, is that I want to take my anger out on someone and he looks like a good target. We’re facing eviction and my daughter is not well, and all he wanted was his money. No care, no kindness, no guidance and support, basically fuck you until I get my cash, then I’ll still do fuck all.

I wonder where all the kindness has gone? Was there ever any? I read some evangelical cobblers about how to be a christian homophobic (it’s not just the christians, the muslims and jews, well every religious fucker is humanophobic of one sort or another). I thought, hold on son, your god created all, this didn’t it. Therefore homosexuality must be in gods frame of reference cos it created everything. l forgot that the introduction page to the torah, new testament and q’ran say, “cherry pick this shit to justify your own personal fucked up world view”.

Glad I got some of that shit off my chest, I need to find a focused positive direction for all this anger I harbour.