Being bullied remorselessly in the school playground, what it was like for the only Jew kid.

At infant school (reception year one now-a-days) I was the only and I mean only yidkid. It wasn’t pleasant in a playground full of catholics and protestants. I had the double whammy that my dad had been sent to prison when I was six months for a long time (he was in for eighteen years, very violent crime).

So there I was a Jew kid with a con dad. As soon as I started school bullying started. This was obviously now the cause of the parents, what bunch of five year olds would hit another kid for those reasons. Anyway, the teachers couldn’t be bothered stopping it.

One day I was being chased by a gang of boys, they cornered me and it was going to be the usual pile on and kicking. Except this time I picked up a stone and smashed it into the side of the ringleaders head, bursting his ear drum.

So I got into a huge amount of trouble, my response was disproportionate, but what else could I do? The teachers ignored me, my grandparents went to the school, they were ignored. Not good. I was in the wrong, but the bullying stopped.

There are approximately 11 million Palestinians and 13 million Jews globally of a 7 billion global population, they are roughly at parity in the Levantine for population sizes.

Israel needs to pull its finger out and fully incorporate the Palestinians into a one state solution. The Palestinians need to pull their finger out and be part of a one state solution.

Both need to stop the disproportionate bullying, it’s a waste of time when they could be doing better stuff like global economic domination and point their rockets at madder people outside of the nation boundaries. Arabs have done less for the Palestinians than the US.

Mashal and Netanyahu need to pack it up and work together. Parity and economic solidarity is whats needed.

But if I was to meet my playground bullies now, if their attitude was cool, I’d be cool, If they said or did something stupid, I’d respond accordingly.