Oh my the school gate, I never want to talk to mums again.

I had a falling out with one of the queen bees. I refused to have my daughters fingerprint taken. Like photos there needs to be a disclaimer on taking that kind of information.

Fingerprints live with you for life, unless you really need to get them altered. Biometric systems aren’t that brilliant at the moment, you can circumvent most proprietary fingerprint scanners easily.

Next a significant percentage of home pc are compromised by malware and bot nets.

So this parent wanted my daughters fingerprints, to give to a friend to scan and “graphic design” a card.

I went no, she went “your wife said it was ok”. And when have you ever seen my wife looking after the children, what’s she got to do with it.

So queen bee has a fucking sulk, she’s got the educational attainment of a 9 year old, can’t read or write above that grade, an throws a strop because she can’t comprehend that a man does the child care. Next, this is a Jewish school, they may not be Jewish, but there are shit loads of tosspots at the moment who are looking to take a pop at Jews because of Gaza.

It’s not highly probable, but if I know how to perform a targeted hack, how to use bio’s to circumvent systems and how to intrude personal systems. Other unscrupulous fuckers can – that’s the reason why