I like what you say and what you think.

It’s complex and it’s difficult, most people really don’t twig sex. Wrapping yourself around someone, discovering every inch of their body and seeing them, so enjoy what they feel as you do it is the best.

Being with someone who has freed themselves the same that you have is wonderful.

Looking at a you naked, seeing your hair curl and roll over the pillow, before I kiss your pussy for the first time, followed by my hands touching your hips and thighs. I want to explore you.

I go down on you, you like it, you tell me what make it better. I rim you, your surprised, you like it and you’re amazed that I want to do it.

You feel me enter you, It’s wide, you feel the stretch, it goes deeper than you expected. You feel it hitting it hitting that spot, you dig your nails in, it’s intense.

You relax, I push you over so your ass is up. I kiss your cheeks, I go further, you feel my tongue enter you, you say it feels good. I slide myself in to you. Your stretched, the you feel me empty myself into your ass.

How do you feel?

What does it do for you?

What do you want to do?


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