A bum rush, not quite what you are expecting

Our sexlife is very active, active in the respect of often, it’s not fifty shades of, “never done this stuff, but this is what I think it would be like from a naive middle England perspective” (that’s what the title should be).

Monday evening I was chasing DW up the stairs to bed, we we’re both naked as the children were asleep early and we were “foolin’ around”. We’d been playing with each other she’d gone down on me, taking some time kissing and snogging my cock. She played with herself a little bit and did some deep fingering, tasting her own pussy and offering her cream covered fingers for me to taste. There’s something much more delicate about watching a woman play with herself, than the rapid fire, jerk, jerk, jerk thing a man does.

So we were pretty horny, as I chased her up the stairs I grabbed her hips and pulled her to a stop. Her bum was level with my face and I just couldn’t resist. I parted her bum cheeks, sank my face in and gave her a good rimming. She stopped and let me continue, I flicked my tongue over her bum hole and then got it right in. It’s something I really enjoy doing, she said she could feel my tongue opening her up and that it felt tickly. This isn’t something we do often, but I really like doing it, don’t know why, just do.

When you watch the professional studio porn, you know that the actors and actresses have showered and douched, I don’t know how common douching in the States is, but I don’t think its caught on that much here. Its the cleanliness aspect that freaks DW and stops her from letting go and enjoying.

Later in bed I was giving hed a full body oiling with coconut oil, she flipped onto her belly and as I was finishing her back, I siad that hed bum needed some treatment. So I started oiling her bum really getting it into her cheeks, I ran a very oily finger over her bumhole and said that it needed some serious attention. She scooped up a blob of the coconut oil and slid a finger into her bumhole. Damn it was sexy, she let me continue and I got my finger deep into her arse. She let me continue fingering her bumhole and I was enjoying every second, she did say that it hurt stretching her but not too much.

I’d like to be able to do that often, maybe get an extra finger in then three, my cock is three fingers wide and that’s most of the issues we have with sex. We don’t have quickies much as she needs a fair amount of foreplay to loosen her and then it still can be painful. So maybe one day, we’ll get to that point, hope so.


And yes I chew my nails


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