Nearly 35 years of shagging and it shocks me still how naive people are.

I lost my Virginity at 13, sex appears to have started early in my family, my mother was 15 when she got pregnant with me.

I was brought up by my grandparents and, unsurprisingly, they were very keen on contraception. Also protection from STD’s, my grandfather was an Army doctor so was pretty clear about what an STD was.

When I was a teenager I was often quite surprised by the naivety and or stupidity of the people around. I once convinced one of my classmate you could get an std from a public toilet seat. As I got into my early twenties I realised that most of my peers weren’t actually having that much sex. I would notice little inaccuracies about their understanding of sex and the opposite sex, also there was a lot less homophobia. I encountered my first trans at the Brixton Academy in the mid80’s. That encounter made me realise that looks over gender really blurred the lines (I thought that what Robin Thicke’s song was really about, that he fancied a bloke in a dress).

In my early twenties I had a couple of mates who believed they were cocksmen, yet they were both really full of shit. I played a stunt where I convinced one to go along with a story to trick the other one. They both like to brag about fucking girls in the arse. By that age I was pretty well aware that girls women found anal to be pretty much uncomfortable, unpleasant or yucky. But they were cocksmen and every body had to believe them.

So I convinced one to tell the other that he’d been buggering this particular girl and that when he pulled his cock out there was a sweet corn kernel stuck wedge in his uthrea. So the two sat there swapping fuck stories and lapping up how much sex they had. All bullshit.

25 years or so later I’m still reading naive bullshit and I think its becoming worse with the rise of pornotainment, the bad acting and the extremism of the activities. Men and women who don’t want to wear condoms. Poor understanding or empathy of what the other person experiences.

So in ten year or so when my daughters start their sex lives at least I’ll know attitude won’t have changed.