Counterpoint, now it’s my turn

I kiss you a firm deep kiss, my mouth travels down your body, first the base of your neck, then between your breasts, finally I trace a line of kisses down your belly until I get to my destination.

I make myself comfortable between your legs, my hand stretches up so you can feel the tips of my fingers on your breast, my other arm curls under your leg so my hand can rest on your hip.

I make one long lick from the bottom of your pussy all the way to the top, I run my tongue down the left side crease between your inner and outer lips, pushing them to one side, the up the right side. One final firm lick up and down to separate your lips and open you up.

I feel your hand squeeze, the hand that’s resting on your hip. This is the signal you want me to start working on your clit to make you cum. You relax and settle as I start circling and sucking your clit. You use squeezes and releases of your hand to communicate if you want firmer faster, or slower softer.

After a little while you grip my hand tightly, I feel your body start to tense, I raise my eyes and glance up, your head is turned to one side, your mouth open and eyes closed, you squeeze my hand tighter as I continue with a firm strong pace. Finally you tense completely, a gasp leaves your mouth and you collapse back onto the bed.

I look up, a soft smile is on your face, you look so relaxed, cheekily I flick my tongue on your clit again as I know your super sensitive at this point, you quiver and wake from the post orgasm zone.  


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