I don’t understand why, why lies, why hide bottles why

She fell off the wagon again, it’s the same format, hide a bottle, drink it all and then lie about it.

A couple of weeks ago I found the coke bottle that had been laced with Bacardi. Tonight its the cheap wine bottle. It’s not the drinking I hate its all the arseing about that goes with it and the pointless worthless lies.

Does she really believe no one can tell she drinking, what kind of delusional idiot does that. Why not admit to your self and those around you what you really are, so they can deal with it.

Yet again the alcohol breaks the trust, a fragile thing. She craves being trusted more than drinking, yet breaks down the trust yet again and here we are on the brink of another disaster. 


5 thoughts on “I don’t understand why, why lies, why hide bottles why

  1. Oh my dear..I’m so sad to read this. Why she lies about it? Shame. If she admits it to herself, she has to admit she has a problem that maybe she is not willing to give up, at least not yet. The alcohol is a factor, but it’s only used to mask whatever else it is she deals with. And honestly if she doesn’t deal with those problems, those daemons, she won’t be able to let go of the drinking. It takes a lot of will power and strength for some to face those demons and release them. But, it’s possible, there is hope. For some it is hard to know how to achieve what for others is easily accessible, such as her craving trust but not knowing how to hold on to it.

      • Understandable that it can be frustrating and disappointing for the person on the receiving side as are you. But I am happy to hear that you still have hope. That’s a good sign.

      • I’m sorry to hear that. But you’ve made it through worse. Things you couldn’t really control. Emotions are something that eventually you can learn to. There is a light at the end of this situation.

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