New Bike

If i has the cash i would love to buy DW a motorcycle, a proper motorcycle, ok so maybe this is the one I would want, but i reckon she could easu=ily handle something over 100cc’s. Her mate wo is the Head Of IT for  Central European Car Plant has  Honda Silverwing. So why can’t DW have 1300 cc’s and big throbbing responsive torque between her legs.
New Bike

Peasant blouse

Schott NYC jean jacket
$105 –

Balmain pants
$1,955 –

Harley-Davidson brown boots
$240 –

Philip Stein watch

Chanel necklace

Alberta Ferretti belt
This is taken from Yamaha’s own website:
High-torque V-twin engine
At the heart of this beautifully crafted new cruiser there’s a 1304cc liquid-cooled 60-degree SOHC V-twin engine that blends classic cruiser looks with modern technology. Big V-twins are all about torque, and the XVS1300 Custom excels in this area. With 4 valves per cylinder combined with a 9.5:1 compression ratio and performance-oriented camshaft designs, this 1304cc engine pushes out a pulsating wave of torque for thrilling acceleration and easy cruising.
Oh My, Oh My, A triple dose of sexy, the person in the clothes, the clothes themselves and engine. No, actually four, the bike itself looks pretty damn sexy.