Iggy, eh who the fuck is that Iggy.

I was just perusing Jezabel, cos its a bit of a laff and I’m comfortable in myself (sorry, that’s a dig at the MRA, Incel, PUA community who would class me as a gender traitor and beta – what a load of tosspots). There on Jezabel it said Crosby, Stills Nash and “Young” do Iggy. So I’m thinking Iggy Pop of course and I then think, I don’t recognise the track Fancy. So a quick Google later and I discover that there is a blond Aussie bird who’s stealing Iggy’s moniker. Oh! FFS, what has the world come to a blond white woman who isn’t a septic is considered a top rapper. I’ve just felt very old indeed. This is going to be the start of feeling ancient.

Its worse than the day my eldest asked me if the world was black and white when I was a little boy. Grrrrr!!!! piss, fuck and balls.

On a secondary note, I’ve had my eyes opened to the manosphere, what a bunch of nutters, losers or basically clowns.

MRA bitter about wimin and fems (nots femmes) and want subjugation and patriarchy back full scale, lads sorry to upset you but subjugation and patriarchy has never gone away, you just ain’t been invited to that party.

Incels, shybois whatever… I can’t stop laughing over a group of geezers who ain’t got laid. Involuntary Celibate my big fat hairy arsehole. There’s nothing involuntary about it, there is a whole market that caters to not making it involuntary, its the oldest profession. If you weren’t tightwads and kept your traps shut and went to a truck stop, I’m sure that for $20 you could get sorted. BTW some of the “mens saunas” in shariaville have trafficked girls for a tenner a go. The Met busted one a few weeks ago. That would sort you and your mindsets out.

I’m not sorry to say I reserve my biggest contempt for PUA’s I don’t even know where to get started with them. Between 13 when I lost my cherry and 36 when I finally found someone I wanted to settle with I enjoyed the company of women and as a heterosexual man it naturally came to pass that, conversation led to kissing, which led to sex – “fuck me!?!?” the incel and PUA community shout in unison is that how you do it. I was very honest about my inability to commit, I sadly hurt a lot of people who didn’t deserve it and best of all the MRA, Incels and PUA will be joined in contempt for my by their common enemy, wimin and feminazis.

Perhaps thus is how it gets resolved in the US you lot find yourselves a contemptible anglo-jewish atheist, with attachment and abandonment issues with (if I may say this myself, or you can contact DW for confirmation) a very sizable (L & W) hampton wick, high sex drive (still) and a borderline sociopathic sex addiction (this is my tenth year of not cheating yay me – actually never have I cheated on DW) and I’m cleaning up the porn addiction. Thing is I truly believe that every one is born equal, has the right to be equal and is completely equal as we live on this green earth under a warm sun, except it’s cold and pissing down in London.

Oh you guys, shut up eh!