The native English who use forums are the most unhelpful going

There is something about English help forum sites, the people who use them are A. unhelpful, B. Pissy and C. Needy fuckers. Two in particular spring to mind.

I’ve used a couple recently and my questions have been about.

how have you found dealing with local authorities regarding homelessness


Simple to the point stuff, the majority of responses have been the usual scaremongering stories that you get in the Daily Mail or not helpful at all. The English are the most unhelpful bunch going, no one is prepared to go, well this is what happened to me or someone I know.

I cannot believe that there have not been people who have experienced what we are experiencing, but no one is prepared to give decent advice. It’s just like out former Shul, happy to have you as long as you keep quite and don’t ask for help.

Perhaps those keep calm and carry on/drink tea/return fire posters should be changed to.


Cos no one is gonna help, advise or do anything other than go “there, there it’ll get better”. Well yeh! That’s called optimism and hope. But we’re not an optimistic nation, nothing eved gets better round here. And hope, hope, why should you have hope, keep schtum fucker and don’t rock the boat expecting anything.


So this typical, middle England, WI, lentil weaving arsehole comes on a forum and does the usual, ooh! you are so resentful cos no ones helping you. To fucking right biatch, I’m not asking for hand outs, I’ve given enough in tax and charity in my time to see it pissed away by successive governments and NGO’s. I’m asking for sensible, cogent information about the current situation.

And yes I’m not so naive or stupid to know that housing is fucked up in the UK, but if I wanted a Jeremy Clarkson-esque opinion I’d buy the Daily Mail.

Not go on a help forum.