Done morning chores, 20 mins of procrastination, then the next set.

I love WordPress so much more than newspapers or magazines, it’s rawr, unedited, straight from the psyche, Virginia Wolff would adore the unabridged stream of consciousness that streams to my reader.

I know I have my faults, I’m not the best of me, but I do introspect myself and there are some bits of bullshit that I just couldn’t do.

I base everything on my on observable experiences. As such it’s interesting when I read blogs where the content has a mismatch with reality.

Pick Up Artists (or the young woman equivalent the tinderette or dating advisor) are my current ire. Maybe if I hadn’t screwed around so much before getting married, I wouldn’t have an opinion.

I never considered myself to be a pick up artist, I just never could make an emotional connection. I never used one-liners, it was just that I enjoyed conversations with women over men. The upshot is with hindsight, I realise I must have hurt lots of people, for that I am sorry. It was never intentional and there never was any malice, sadly its all my fault – to steal from the Catholics mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

I find the same with the tinderettes, do you really know what you are looking for? Guess not.

Another thing that irks me is this long term relationship need to change someone. I was reading a blog yesterday, where a rather shallow 40 something was complaint that she hadn’t been able to change her husband, but he wasn’t the man she fell for, therefore that was the major factor for her dating site screwing around.

Consider this love, you have changed him, you just can’t see that you’ve changed him into something you no longed want. Or realy what happens is that people change every day, thoughts, opinions, ideas end experience change up. I certainly have changed in ten years of marriage. My wife has changed in ten years of marriage. Thing is do we accept the change? I hope so.

At times I don’t like the way I’ve changed, at times I don’t think I’ve changed for the better. Other times I think differently to that. But having read this post over to myself, one thing has never changed over the years I’m still crap at writing.