Female Genital Mutilation or how to have a negative cultural opinion in a few easy steps

Parliament is going to debate FGM, its very popular in the Somali, Sudanese, Ethiopian and Eritrean community here in east London. My borough is actually the worst affected, we have the largest Horn of Africa (HoA) community in the UK.

It goes against my politically correct inclinations but few outside of this area really gets to see what its like. This particular community has the worst record when it comes to women’s rights, the men do not work, they have the worst unemployment rate in the UK. The women on the other hand tend to have three to four jobs, working 18 to 20 hours a day. The men just get loaded on khat, sit around on street corners and try to molest east European girls.

Yet the women are the ones actually slicing their daughters and granddaughters clits and lips off. The dudes couldn’t be arsed getting off their arses to do graft like that, far too much like  hard work.

It is quite unpleasant walking into a HoA area, the men just sit there learing and cat-calling women who aren’t burqa’d up. I don’t really understand their arabic dialects that well, but I can make out disparaging words like shamuta or tigrina, sadly we’ve co-opted bint which just mean girl and use it in the wrong way.

What I don’t get is that they don’t want to integrate into bog-standard London culture and hover up the tax money that I’ve paid into the state, yet expect to do fuck all, hack of their daughters bits and sponge my cash. Integrate or fuck off.