Heterosexual anal sex, the reality of what women enjoy

This is based solely on my own personal sample population, taken over 30+ years. I’m not going to relate the actual size of the population rather the breakdowns percentage sizes.

less than 1% have gained real physical pleasure from penetrative anal sex, less than 0.5% from anilingus.

Less than 30% have tolerated anal sex, that is being able to do it with little or no discomfort, less than 10% have tolerated anilingus.

Approximately 20% have experienced it once and have found it to be very unpleasant and do not wish to try it again either with myself or with a former partner. Of this group 0% have expressed an interest in trying anilingus.

The final category are those who will not entertain anal sex under any circumstance.

Of the very few women I have been with who have actively found anal to be pleasurable only two were completely inexperienced, I have to admit it was an enormous thrill to hear one say “that’s nice, I’m enjoying it” the other was said “this is the first time I’ve done it, it’s surprisingly pleasant” . I guess its just down to personal anatomy.

I personally feel quite disappointed in myself, that the majority of women have only really tolerated anal sex as part of the smorgasboard of sex, but then its to be expected I guess. In the pursuit of sexual pleasure, the anus may have a large amount of nerve endings but they are not wired the same way as the clitoris, the labia or nipples.

In some respects I feel very sorry for the current generations entering their sexual maturity. Pornography gives unrealistic expectations, a real internal orgasm for a woman looks and sounds nothing like the acted examples in pornography. The same applies to anal sex actresses receive more cash for taking it up the arse, fair enough. But the freebie porn online gives unrealistic expectations to young men and women.

Bottom line, if your not sure you like it don’t do it and don’t let yourself be pressured into it. But having said that, I wish DW would let me take the time to relax and lube her to show her how to enjoy it and to ditch her issues over anilingus too, I don’t have any and I’ll be the one with his tongue in her arsehole.