Sl#t and r#pe nation, the people who say these things should be arrested for hate speak

Frankly, I’m becoming more and more disgusted by some of the trends in current society. The (im)moral majority tendency to use hate speak regarding their perceptions of someone behaviour is dreadful.

Perhaps, it’s because they think they have a right of “free speech” they can abuse that right. Referring to a young woman as a sl#t because of some perception they have is down-right criminal. Here in the UK we have laws pertaining to slander and defamation, in order to call a young woman or a girl a sl#t you have to have tangible, supported evidence that that is true, not your asinine perception based on envy and jealousy. It has to be able to stand the test of law.

Along with that we now have this barbaric r#pe culture growing in schools and universities. I could understand it just in underdeveloped, undereducated peasant cultures such as India, where misogyny, corruption and patriarchy are common place. But here in the West, what the hell is going on? We are at the zenith of education, we stand on  should of all that was learnt before us, but now we are sinking into a sexual barbarism that is shameful.

We’ve criminalised hate speak against people of different ethnicities, and of different religions. In the same breath we will criticise them heavily for treating the women in their communities like third class citizens and for their attitudes to people of other religions, yet it’s ok for us to do that. Oh My what hypocrisy.

I enjoy pornography, yet I’m under no illusion that these people are doing it mostly for economic reason (if they haven’t been trafficked), like the girl who was outed from Duke University. So what it was her choice, no one else’s. But it wasn’t her choice to be treated the was is is. For the people who chose to criticize her, in whose interest was it? The fact that she broke no laws of the nation in exercising her economic right to receive payment for the activity she under took is neither here nor there.

It galls me that this is the way things are going, can’t we have a nice happy society, where people have the freedom to go about their lives without the shallow bestial people tut-tut-tutting, without religious misinterpretation getting in the way.