The prejudice of the niqab goes both ways

I’m sitting in the dentist’s at the moment and my part of the east end is turning into sharia land.

Two bints (please use the classical Arabic, not anglicised slang) walk in, one scarfie (please use the Turkish concept) one niqab. The receptionist is northern Russian, nice girl, big hips, excellent English.

The Islamo-girls start wittering in pashto, maybe from the North-Western territories, but not Afganhi. The one in the niqab, says some shit about the Russian girl, the scarfie one is talking to the Russian girl about registering her. The niqab one is really dissing the Russian girl and won’t agree to using this dentists.

FFS, it pisses me off,we bend over backwards because we think that it’s unfair for them to be scarfie or niqab, we support the human right for being here. Yet the bring their arrogant self-centred peasant like behaviour here. If you don’t like it, the fact that we are multicultural and welcoming, take your shit back to where you come from. You’d expect me and my family to observe your cultural shit in Islamabad or Karachi, so respect London culture in London.