Terminology and word confusion

I’ve noticed that there are lots of WordPress posts in sex and its related tags eg BDSM and Relationships for example where I think certain words are used very incorrectly. At either end of the spectrum, from ordinary regular relationships to the more contentious end of the spectrum, words of abuse and hate, such as sl#t, wh#re, dirty are considered by the ill-educated to be part and parcel of normal speak.

This use of language says more about the speaker and their attitude than it does about a consensual relationship. Someone one explained to me that even in BDSM relationships trust and respect play a large part in the dynamic.

If someone accepts that certain words will be used in certain circumstances, then so be it. But what gets me are the people who think that because they use abusive terminology makes them dominant and controlling. No it makes you look like a common shallow idiot and a bully not a BDSM sir or master.


2 thoughts on “Terminology and word confusion

  1. Wonderful thoughts. This describes my first “DOM” as he likes to call himself. Very abusive talk and behavior. I’m glad my current DOM is one of the rare gems who earns my trust and respect, and takes care that I am cared for and feel cherished.

    • That was exactly the scenario I was trying to describe, I’m glad you have a better relationship now

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