Nearly thirty years of contributions and I’m told (politely) to piss off

As a family we are in a bit of a shit situation, six years ago I had to declare bankruptcy, my small consultancy had sever cash flow problems as my primary client stalled payments. I had to sell the house at break even, rent and still had to declare to clear the business loan and overdraft.

I’ve paid all my income tax, national insurance and council tax since I became an adult nearly thirty years ago (it will be thirty years in a months time). Now, I’m facing homelessness as my bankrupt status comes home to roost, I can’t get the  credit reference necessary to rent somewhere new.

So I contacted the council housing service and as a native British male can I get help, no. Even though my eldest daughter is physically disabled (polyarthiticular juvenile idiopathic arthritis) , and my wife has survived stage 3c breast cancer, nah we’re not good enough.

This is the bit where I think the politically correct, pluralistic, multiculturalism of London is fucked up. Maybe if we’d arrived from somewhere else, paid nothing to the state and spoke in broken English asking for a handout, maybe if we weren’t Jewish, we do control everything don’t-cha-know, I mean there is only 500,000 Jews in the UK compared to the 4 million muslims, 2.5 million hindus and sihks and 36 million christians. Yeh I know a bit of negative shit thinking.

But 30 years of tax and fuck off, that’s a bit much.