Is this what it boils down to religion equals money

We only five minutes ago I ended a call with my Rabbi, my former Rabbi as it now stands. In a nutshell if we don’t pay membership fees we are not welcome.

In a previous conversation the Rabbi said:

Strengthen the relationship rather than fraying it further.

So we can only be members of that religious community if we pay for the right to be members. Even DW who is the real religious one in the family is pissed off. Isn’t it supposed to be that you help people in need.

So a man of god will only support a child with a disability, a woman who is in remission from breast cancer and a family about to become homeless and if they pay for the privilege of his support.

And what is that support, a pray to god… hmmm! A lady from the local CofE community, would cook us a huge freezer meal when my wife was undergoing chemo once a week.

No one from the shul has ever been round to see us. No one gave a fuck. At least with atheism you get what you pay for. Amazingly, the cheder teaching my wife did for free, the digital photography, computer and digital video equipment I gave and the free tech support to the community, has been forgotten for a few sheckles of this years membership fees.

so goodbye religion we can’t afford you.


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