Oh! How I hate the word Sl*t

It’s a vile word, perpetuated by misogynistic shallow cowards, who can’t face the excellence and beauty of a woman’s sexuality and that they desire and enjoy sex as much as any man.

The men I’ve encountered who use the word with abandon, generally are inexperienced and poor quality, know little about how to enjoy sex and even less about sharing sexual pleasure. More to the point they are bitter and envious that someone may know more than them. That, even more applies to women dissing women.

Frankly, I don’t care how many people someone has had sex with, surely during the act itself its down to me to give as much as I can do, its one of those “what goes around comes around” things. If I do my best efforts at giving someone pleasure, I can take pride in the fact I’ve done my best. Hopefully, the person on the receiving end will be inspired to return the act, but if they don’t, they don’t. Does it matter, I’ve enjoyed myself.

Frankly, I would rather spend time in bed with someone who knew what they were doing and laud that, than the fear, nerves and trepidation of the inexperienced. I can tell you its not fun, especially when you get caught in that awkward situation of someone who pretends to be experience but is plainly not.

With any other skill we would expect huge amounts of knowledge and experience, but somehow, if you have a sexual skill you’re lambasted as being inferior. When it comes to numbers, quantity doesn’t equate quality, the pick up artist phenomenon shows that. Between the age of 13 to 37, when I settled and became very happily monogamous, I had a number of sexual encounters, so what. I would hope that you as a reader has had a number of sexual encounters. Does my number matter, no. If you ask me nicely, I could try to give you an amount, actually I can’t be bothered working it out. When I was 30 a colleague, stupidly wrote out his list of less than ten, and challenged me to write mine. I told him it was stupid. He pushed further because he though that he could humiliate me, mainly because of the stereotype of an OCD software engineer/computer scientist . “My lists bigger than yours” type of juvenilia. So I started writing, several sheets of A4 (two column) later, he was gobsmacked. His idiotic attempt at cocksmanship, firmly slapped down.

He wanted to know how, I got my cock out and slapped it on the table, tapped my head and said that I enjoyed the company of women, I tried to be respectful, interested and listen and just to fuck him off even more, wrote a name at the end of the list and told him to ask her. He showed his true colours at that moment, “you fucked my sister, I always though she was a slag”. I just said, “nah mate! but you are a worthless shallow wanker though, just as well your girlfriend is dumping you for being shit in bed”. He went ballistic, it was so funny, is he wasn’t a skinny little tosspot and a coward he would have lumped me.

I’ve encountered this kind of crap from men before, women on the other hand either go “you’re very experienced” I take that as a compliment, or at worst they worry about catching something, rightly so, its good to be concerned for your sexual health, but I mostly used protection and underwent screening at GUM clinics and the few times I was unfortunate I did as was instructed by the Sexual Health professionals, there was heartache and tears, but nothing that antibiotics and abstinence didn’t fix.

So there you, that is exactly that worthless word should be removed from being used.