Its just past nine pm and my daughter has just watched stampy

Daddy, daddy, daddy, stampy’s uploaded a new clip,

erm ok then.

Look I’m the three hundred and first person to watch it.

Then my younger daughter goes I want to watch it I want to watch it.

So both of them are youtubing on their nexuses right now.

Oh blimey how fast the world changes.

But my eldest is well aware of internet safety. She had installed this game with a pseudo Whatsapp clone built in. One morning she handed me her nexus and said. Daddy can you look at HotBoyLeeds, I don’t think he’s eight, I think he’s a teen.

So I had to sit her down and have that difficult father daughter conversation, that not everything on the internet is as it seems and how to watch out for catfishers, groomers and men I want to kill if they go anywhere near my daughters.

She digested it and then said, So its a (her term) creepy man wanting to talk to little kids like me… yuck, Daddy please remove the app.

She then said, no one can guess my password at school, I guess three boys so far. Mines two digits two digits single digit. Fourteen chars in total, pretty good I was impressed. Rainbow tables can squelch a password made up of ten chars including alphnumerics and punctuation in two seconds, so she’ll be safe online for a short while.


11 thoughts on “Its just past nine pm and my daughter has just watched stampy

  1. Ah, the joys of girls :)! I have 3 beautiful princesses. I’m glad your daughter is a smart girl and came to daddy. The internet is a scary place. So glad you gave her the talk and she got it. There are so many perverts in that world wide web..this from a mommy of a 14 year old girl. Scary!

    • She’s a little more tech savvy than most, she helped me build a sever when she was four, her little sister wasn’t that interested as she was one. She’s pissed off that the boys get more compute time at school, I’ll write out a forkbomb for her to bugger them up with

      • What pisses me off even more is that it would be an absolute piece of piss to protect kids on line now, any of the IM, email, chat providers can easily put in language parsers to stop bullying and creeps, but they won’t because the think they’ll loose users to competitors google, facebook,twitter I’m looking at you, make a differece

      • Yeah, that does suck! I’m not too computer savy so I’m not sure what it would take, but I’m sure there is more that can be done to protect kids online.

      • A forkbomb is a line of code entered into a prompt, it makes every running process call every running process until the computer gets swamped and can no longer do anything, its one of those fun things to do to fuck up a noob system administrators.

        Three girls… eeek. I’m so not looking forwards to mine getting older, especially how shitty my part of London is

      • Ah, I see.. 🙂 still sounds complicated. Lol.

        Yes, 3 of them!!!! Yikes for real :), lol. The teenage one already has me crazy, I have time before the other two get there. But, I am not looking forward to it either. How I wish they could stay little forever. Ugh! Lol

      • Totally agree, my concern is that its becoming that boys have little respect for girls, consumer culture, music culture and porn culture are making them objectify girls so much now, plus this loathsome business of sl#t calling/shaming disgraceful, even worse now in London we have honour killings by arsehole peasant immigrants. Some little shit calls a girl a sl#t cos he didn’t get a feel up and her dad slits her throat… how fucking fucked is that

      • Oh wow! Yeah, fucked up. Honestly it’s about teaching them to be tough and take care of themselves when they are out there without us. Believe me, my teenager has had to slap and kick a guy in his nuts more than once for being disrespectful. Like I tell her, a boy is going to only respect you as much as you demand. You allow anything less of you expect it to follow you. So, teaching them to be tough is the only hope we have.

      • Its gonna have to be culturally aware toughness too here, my borough of London has 127 ethnicities and the borough council (municipal government, don’t know what the US equiv is) speaks 37 languages. As much as I love multiculturalism there are some aspects i detest

      • Yeah, I can see that. Multiculturalism can be great but I can see how tough it can be trying to raise a daughter in that. Yikes! 😦

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