Why is it that alkies are always ill

They always have something wrong with them, an alky (lets not be gender specific here as alkiness is gender neutral) with a cold is an order of magnitude worse than even the worst bout of manflu.

No mater what, they always have something wrong with them, a cold, a sprain, a something. They are the sickliest bunch going. Maybe its a sympathy mask for the deeper shittiness of they’re own self inflicted, I was going to say illness, but its not is it.

Alcoholism isn’t a disease, in the later stages, the poisoning by alcohol may present disease like symptoms and the dependency may present mental illness like symptoms. But as always they require our sympathy and the get out of jail card that comes with sympathy.

Instead of facing the reality that their selfish dependency causes, they expect the non-alcoholic to prop up their pseudo hypochondria brought on as camouflage for their pathetic inability to manage themselves.

Next, the schmucks think that alcohol is the universal cure-all to their illnesses. Alcohol takes away the pain of toothache, a snifter of whisky, honey and lemon will cure flu. Yeah, as if. I bet some alky wanker somewhere has tried to promote drinking as a cure for cancer.

Like all addicts, they put a great deal of strain on medical services, alkies clutter up hospital wards left, right and center. They are the biggest group in any psychiatric institute and us non alkies have to pay for it.

Its a very selfish, self centred thing alkiness, every time an alkie reaches for a drink they fuck up the people around them.