I do love doing cheeky spontaneous sex

Some how we ended up in the kitchen naked, actually there’s no some how about it, we were getting ready for bed and had both got naked. Then DW realised that she didn’t have a glass of water so popped down to the kitchen. I followed cos I fancied a glass of milk.

There we were standing in the kitchen naked, I was standing behind DW as she was rubbing her shoulder complaining of an ache, “could you?” She said indicating that I should rub the sore spot. So I got the heel of my hand into her shoulder blades and started to push along the striations of the muscle tissue. She mmmed and said it was feeling better. I replied by saying I know something that feels so much better.

I steered to the kitchen table and pressed lightly but firmly so she bent over it. I leant forward and kissed the nape of her neck and placed both hands either side of her shoulders and stared to massage along the edges of the spine with my thumbs.

She relaxed and settled further onto the table, I was getting hard now, it was proving to be quite a good one, I was really pumped with blood and my bellend had swollen up and become very shiny. The only downside is that with age my cock ligaments aren’t as good anymore and when I get this hard the weight of my cock points it down rather than up. Not like when I was younger I would curve up and stand proud, bit like those Viking rock paintings.

Now when I’m really hard and standing up it looks more like a truncheon, sort of at three quartets up. But anyway, I’m nicely rock hard, hmmm I lost my train of thought there, DW is face down and I’m rubbing her back, she tilts her face to one side and stretches her arms out. I move my right hand down to caress her curvey bum and then down further on to the back of her thigh, dragging my finger tips over her skin, pressing not too hard but hard enough so she feels a deeper pressure.

I move my hand on to the hot glistening pussy, cupping it with my whole hand and caress a finger from her clit along the edges of the lips where they are starting to open. I ease a finger into her to help to open her up and then another so I can gently stretch her.

I nuzzle the head of my cock into place and gently push, she tight and I have to push firmly to ease my head into her. I can feel her tightness gripping my cock shaft, she’s starting to get wetter now so I can go a bit deeper.

She’s still stretched out on the table and I start to rub her shoulders again whilst gently rotating and rocking my hips back and forth. I run my hand over her back tattoo, caressing each butterfly and cherry blossom in turn. I run my left hand under her and cup her lovely squidgy boob, feeling her thick rubbery hard nipple between two fingers. I hold her boob firmly and squidge it for a bit. Before running both hand over her back again and the down onto her hips.

Here I hold her firmly, just above the bones of her pelvis, gripping and looking down on her beautiful curvatious bum. Its lovely, I steady myself gripping her firmly and plunge in deep, feeling the head of my cock push past her cervix, sliding into the warm softer area just up to one side. I can still feel the ridge of my cock head against her cervix as I start to go faster, pushing in and up.

She’s making little oofs and uh noises as start to hit the right spots, her back starts to flush and she relaxes more, letting the sensations take over her. Then she says, in a quite voice “slower, slower please… that’s it just there, like that… unhh”. Now, her face is scarlet, her back flushed a bright red. Her eyes are close and her mouth slightly open. She reaches further forward with her right hand gripping the edge of the table. Her left hand palm down as though she’s trying to lift herself. Then suddenly, she relaxes, like all the air has gone out of her and her pussy gets really wet. We stop for a moment, my cock still deep inside her. She glances over her shoulder and asks me to cum, she wants to feel my load flood her.

I start to go fasted again, as fast and hard as I can go. Holding her hips more to steady myself as well as using then to pull her back and forth on my cock. I’m starting to pant and loose my breath. I get faster and start to gyrate my hips as wall, so I can get myself to that place as well. Suddenly its all over, I’ve cum, I can feel the squirt cumming out of my cock and the post cum twiches and throbs. DW is smiling to herself, she like to feel the pulsations of my cock inside her. I pull out with a bit of a squelch, the cum floods out too, dripping from her pussy onto the floor. She looks damn fine and sexy like that.

My hearts pounding, I’m out of breath. There is a sheen of sweat on me and I have to sit down to recover. How on earth did I fuck like that when I was younger, I was because I was fit and not podgy and a smoker and not close to fifty. I wonder if I’ll he able to fuck like that over the next 20 to 30 years. Sometimes I wonder if it will be my downfall. My heart gives out just as I blow my load. That would be unfortunate, but I could prevent it, I guess.


Egon Schiele Wikipedia